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Joe's Story

Joe Oddo began experimenting with gluten free baking in 1987 when his celiac friends had no options available to them. After a few years of testing, he went into full production in 1989 at J & J Specialty Bakery in Regina, Saskatchewan. 


Joe sold his bakery in 2006 and focused solely on his catering business that he also owned. However, his loyal customers from the bakery followed him and convinced him to continue baking gluten free. Due to much unused space in his catering facility, he was able to do so. It was during these next few years that Joe developed some breakthrough formulas and the gluten free business exploded. Word spread, newspaper articles were written and social media chattered. Thanks to his dedicated customers motivating him, he is now busier than ever. 


Joe has a vast array of products to offer. Everything from breads and pastries to pizza and perogies. The retail storefront is dedicated to gluten free products, including other high quality brands. 


All of Joe's Gluten Free Foods products are made in our Regina location on dedicated gluten free equipment.


Joe continues to cater as well, offering gluten free catering and deli sandwiches at his retail location. 



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