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We make 4 main types of cakes: Chocolately Chocolate, Carrot Cake, Vanilla Cake and Cheesecakes. We carry a variety of cakes on hand simply decorated or you can special request a cake with 1 weeks notice. 

GF Cheesecakes


Made in house. We carry a variety of flavors in our frozen foods area: coffee, vanilla, and limited time flavors such as mango, kiwi and Kahlua.

GF Carrot Cake


We carry our delectable and moist carrot cake simply decorated with cream cheese icing or decorated like the featured cake above at a special request. It is available uniced as dairy free or you can request a dairy free icing  for your special order.


GF Vanilla Cake

Our Vanilla Cake is very versitle. Request it uniced and serve with berries and whipping cream, simply decorated or more elaborate like the featured cake above. 


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